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Our Story

Spring 2020 was hard for everyone, especially for those of us with kids. Just like many parents around the world we were thrust into a position of having to work full-time and suddenly manage our son’s home schooling. Eeek!

My wife (Cat) set up a schedule for our son using the native Apple alarms. It was a decent on-the-fly fix, but we kept thinking there had to be a better solution. While there are tons of great calendar apps, most seemed excessive in complexity and administration for our busy family. What we wanted an app that was part alarm, part simple planner that a parent (or akid) could easily setup, maintain and use.

As luck would have it, I happen to be a Creative Director, and my wife is a Senior UX Designer at an amazing UX consultancy company called Slide UX. Fortuitously, one of our neighborhood friends (Erik) has an established app development company (Ellie’s Games) with over 20 successful titles under his belt. We had to make this app!

So out of this chaos (and many long nights and weekends) a new idea came to life: Bee Ready Remote School Bell — a beautifully simple app to help kids get to their virtual classes on time and see their daily schedule.

We hope you enjoy Bee Ready! We love user feedback, so please reach out and help us make distance learning a little bit easier.

Jeff, Cat & Erik

The Team

Jeff Battson
Creative Director

Erik Bye
iOS Development

Cat Battson
Senior UX Designer


Release Date

Version 1. Aug 20, 2020

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